Lums Pond Animal Hospital offers senior pets and older dogs and cats veterinary treatments that can extend their life span by several years. In the early stages, some of your senior pet’s problems may not be obvious and the gradual onset of health problems, in an apparently healthy pet, often goes unnoticed. Diagnostic tests such as a complete blood panel, complete blood count, thyroid levels, urinalysis, thoracic and abdominal radiographs or ultrasound are important means to evaluate your pet’s health. You are the one who cares for your pet, day in and day out, and therefore you may notice subtle changes in your pet’s behavior or physical abilities. Take a few moments to review the signs of possible problems; then discuss them with your veterinarian. What may look like normal signs of aging could actually be early signs of a manageable health condition. NOTE: Cats hide symptoms and pain much more than dogs. So keep a close watch for changes in your aging cat. If your pet exhibits any of these conditions please discuss them with your veterinarian.