New Puppy & Kitten Visits

These first visits are especially fun and very important in getting your new pet off to a good start. Our doctors perform thorough physical examinations, focusing on any internal or external parasite problems, congenital or developmental abnormalities. Our doctors and assistants will give you the latest information about diet, training, and preventative care.

Pain Management

At Lums Pond Animal Hospital, we believe in aggressive pain management during post-surgical recovery and for those medical conditions that have the potential to diminish the quality of your pet’s life. Compassion and commitment to your pet’s well being is our primary concern.

Eye Care

Using a state-of-the-art diagnostic evaluation, we are able to accurately measure your pet’s intraocular pressure with this quick, painless procedure. We use this diagnostic test any time we have a patient present with a “red eye”. We also recommend screening tests for those breeds prone to primary glaucoma.

Arthritis and Degenerative Disease

Lums Pond Animal Hospital offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment options for orthopedic and degenerative problems your pet may be experiencing. Our Doctors will apprise you of the many new orthopedic surgical procedures, and medications currently available to help restore your pet’s mobility.

Complete Pharmacy

Lums Pond Animal Hospital maintains a complete pet pharmacy providing medications, supplements and prescription diets for your pet companions.

When it’s Time to Say “Goodbye”

Losing a pet that has been your loving companion for years, can be the most difficult situation a person can ever confront. If necessary, we will help your pet to pass without pain and with dignity. When it’s time to say, “Goodbye”, the doctors and staff of Lums Pond Animal Hospital will be here for you and your pet.